Important Update: Please Read

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Hello Everyone,
Today was a sad but blessed day. This morning a gas leak in the parking lot of my office building caused a major explosion that collapsed the entire building and blew out the windows and doors. The fire dept. believes it to be a total loss and to condemn the structure. My office suite was completely demolished. When I arrived the parking lot was on fire.Thank God no one was hurt or any loss of life because it occurred early Sunday morning.

Though I have lost all the possessions in the office I believe God is still watching over me, my office & staff and my family. I am still going to do what is required of me the things I believe God wants me to. These are only material possessions but there was not loss of life which is the greatest blessing. I am pressing forward with God's help to help all those that come my way to improve their quality of life. Prayer is my greatest weapon and with God all things are possible. I welcome your prayers also and together we will continue on to do more and greater things.

Thank you everyone and God bless.

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