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The Neurological Aspects of Dentistry and TMJ
in Relation to Movement Disorders

Learn About:

  • What is the TMJ? Everything is connected!!

  • What constitutes TMJ Disorder (TMJD)? What are the possible causes of TMJD?

  • What symptoms are related to TMJD?

  • Why TMJD is not just pain

  • What are the multiple disorders associated with TMJD?

  • TMJD from a neuro anatomical and neuro physiological stand point

  • Connections of the TMJ to the central neurons system

  • What is treated now is only preliminary

  • What neurological disorders is TMJ Disorder associated with

  • How multi-disciplinary programs can improve patient quality of life

  • How to read MRI's: (Cone Beams and X-rays are insufficient)

  • How to finish cases with TMJD

  • Why TMJD is neurology? Why and how movement disorders are not just one aspect of TMJD

  • The difference between a splint and an orthotic

  • The TMJD and chiropractic connection: Why both must work together

  • Multiple case studies and testimonies

14 CE Credits

Dr. Sims has lectured on TMJ dysfunction and its treatment and its connection to the various movement disorders.  He has lectured over the United States and internationally on the Modern Advances in TMJ treatment.

Dates & Time:
May 17, 2019     8:30am - 5pm
May 18, 2019     8:30am - 3pm

Doctors Fee:    $1695
Team Member:  $995

Hampton Inn & Suites Arundel Mills 
7027 Arundel Mills Circle
Hanover, MD. 21076

(located near Arundel Mills Mall & Casino Live)

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