• Tourette Syndrome


    Dr. Sims discontinues his symptoms.

    Cervical Dystonia

    Dr. Sims helps patient find relief after seven years.


    Patient traveled 6,681 miles to find relief.

    Head Shaking Tremors

    Prevention of brain surgery by Dr. Sims.


    Referred by his Ophthalmologist to Dr. Sims to reverse his functional blindness.


    Stop migraine headaches.

    Tourette Syndrome

    Instantaneous relief of symptoms.


    Instantaneous eye relief.


    I've fallen and I CAN get up, thanks to Dr. Sims.

    Dystonia Part 1

    Multiple Neurologists and hospitals could not help her.

    Dystonia Part 2

    After 3 days with Dr. Sims, she is able to walk again.